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Don't be a "Posture Robot"...Be You.

Introductory offer for new students

Click Below for a Free 7 Day Trial

Does "standing up straight" feel stiff to you?


If so, you are trying to go through the motions of what is percieved to be "good posture" without understanding what posture really is.


You are being a Posture Robot!


Good posture is about easeful alignment, freedom of movement and having a supple and a resilient body.


The Alexander Technique helps you discover your "True Posture" as you move through your everyday life, standing, bending, sitting, walking etc...


So don't be a Posture Robot.

Be you.

What you will learn...

  • Learn to be in 2 places at once

  • Learn to think your way out of discomfort

  • Learn the real meaning of strength


What's Included...

  • Unlimited access to live group classes such as Poised Pilates, Restorative Stretch and Rest Restore Relax 

  • Unlimited access to library of on-demand classes

  • All classes are taught in French and English

  • Tous les cours sont donnés en anglais et en français.

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