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Do what you love without back, neck or body pain.

Proven Results

"Kasia, what a pleasure it was to have your classes during this ordeal we are going through!... I grew 2 cm, my body fat has melted, I notice a firming of the muscles and a better posture. As a result my knee pain has decreased a lot and my breathing capacity is better. Thank you very much!"

Yannick N., Retired Nurse


Why choose Physique by Kasia?


Free Option

Exercise is good for you, period. But changing your posture doesn't have to include exercise. Taking a one-on-one lesson shows you the principles of good posture in your everyday life.


Pain Relief

The Alexander Technique is shown to reduce chronic neck and back pain as well as the use of painkillers (REF: British Medical Journal).



You will learn to move like your younger self, with ease and poise. When you relax your nervous system and your body in your everyday life, your face will too.

Kasia is an amazing Instructor. I have been working with her for over 15 years. I have tried different Pilates classes, but hers are the best. She pays attention to what your body needs and adjusts her instructions accordingly. I HIGHLY recommend her, especially for anyone who is experiencing pain in the joints. Her instructions are gentle on the body, while focusing on strengthening the core.

Haleh R.

Check out my latest videos!

March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day and we are celebrating all month to bring awareness to the beauty of people with Trisomy 21. We want to change the prejudice and the inaccurate, negative narrative surrounding it. Please enjoy this video that we made to celebrate and feel free to like, comment or share to spread the word...

because love, inclusion and representation matter.

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